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[Solved] Why am I getting captcha more often? How to fix it?

Are you are guys getting Captcha more and more often? And It feels Unusually higher than It used to be? Then You guys are in the right Article, Here I am going to tell you guys Why is this happening and What you can do to fix it.

CAPTCHA can be triggered by automated processes sometimes caused by spambots, infected computers, email worms or DSL routers, or from some SEO ranking tools. If you ever get one of these CAPTCHAs, you simply need to verify yourself by entering the characters or clicking the correct photos. Even If you do that You still keep getting captcha In a way It’s frustrating. So I am going to show you guys a few Solutions That can try on PC to fix your problem.

Solution – 1

Most of the Internet Websites are using Cloudflare Protection against harmful bots, This protection usually filters the bots and humans.

If they suspect you are a bot so they will give you a captcha test and so you have to prove to them you are human so the Cloudflare will satisfy and give you access. Sometimes It can go wrong, Yes You can access the website but if you go to another website They still give you the captcha once again to prove you are human. So their developers understand the problem and They released an Extention to give users a friendly environment.

This means You won’t get captchas more often like before after you installed it on your PC. But you have to prove you are Human to the Extention by Entering one Captcha and Then you will get 30 Credits. After You get 30Credits You don’t need to Enter 30 Captcha to access websites. You can refill the credit just by clicking the same way to fill more credit points and It’s Completely Free and It is their Offical Extension. But they are currently supporting on Google Chrome and Firefox Only.

Solution – 2

There is a High chance You may get Captchas If your Computer is Infected with Malware. So Scan Your Computer with Good Anti Virus Software. If you find any viruses Clear them and Then Restart Your PC.

Solution – 3

If Your network settings might have changed in a harmful way by the malware or some other software that you have used in the Past. It could be like DNS or Network Adapter Settings. So Resetting the Network Settings may fix your problem. Also If you are using any sort of Public VPN Disable them or Use any Well secured Private VPN.

Solution – 4

It might even the Malicious Extensions that you might have accidentally installed in your browser. or It could be simply a bad Cache and Cookie Files. So I recommend you to do Clean Reset in Your Web Browsers.

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So I hope this helps you guys. If you like this video Please Share your thoughts in the comments below and Don’t forget to Subscribe to Our Channel. And See you guys in the next video and Bye. 🙂

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