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[Fixed] How to Fix Zenfone 2 Hard Brick in Both Models ZE550ML/ZE551ML!

Hello YouTube, Today I am Gonna Teach You How to Fix Zenfone 2 Hard Brick in Both Models ZE550ML/ZE551ML! 

Solutions for These For Problems:-

No Display, No LED But If You Put Your Mobile into Charger It’s Vibrating.! and You can’t Open Fastboot.! Black Screen.!

After Pressing Power Button You able to see USB LOGO But You Can’t Do Anything.! and You can’t Open Fastboot.!

You Flashed Android Marshmallow Using Custom Recovery Just like TWRP.! and It’s Bricked!

Xfstk Downloader’s  : GP Flag Override Value: 0x80000807

Check This Out It’s a New Video about Zenfone UnBrick –

No Vibration, Black Screen and Complete Dead Fix –

No Vibration, No LED, No Charging, No Asus Logo, No Fastboot Mode Part 2 –

Required Drivers and Softwares:-

Boot Loader Unlocker  –
Zenfone 2 ZE551ML RAW Firmware –
Zenfone 2 ZE550ML RAW Firmware –
Asus Flash Tool –
SplashScreen –
Zenfone 2 IMG ROMS –
ADB Platform Tools –

Asus Flash Tool’s Password:

Rescue Zip File Contains These Files!
You can Find Rescue Zip Here –

iSocUSB-Driver_v1.2.0 – Android Drivers – –

Xfstk Downloader’s Config Files [ZE550ML/ZE551ML]

ZE550ML –
ZE551ML –

Adb Commands:-

fastboot flash splashscreen splashscreen.img
fastboot flash fastboot droidboot.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot reboot

If you are facing any Bootloop Issues Use This Commands in Fastboot:-
fastboot format userdata
fastboot format cache
fastboot reboot


If You are Facing Problems Like IMG File Writing Errors. Just Follow The Steps from This Video Then Do Flash Tool Steps again.
Video Link –

You should Follow The Instructions From This Video.! It’s 100% Working Personally Tested.! If You have Further Questions ask in Comments Below I’ll Reply Soon as Possible.! 🙂 

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Reference :-

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8 thoughts on “[Fixed] How to Fix Zenfone 2 Hard Brick in Both Models ZE550ML/ZE551ML!

  • after complete xfstk downloader success. my phone stuck in four colour tv screen. my model is ZE551ML.
    i tried with other model file ZE550ML and I removed the battery and reconnect it. but no improvement. I tried with changing cofiguration in xfstk downloader for windows 7 as per your recent video. but no improvement.
    when we connect to pc it is getting switch on and showing only four color tv screen. it is not detecting in adb command many times I removed the cable and reconnect it. but no improvement. my device was rooted device.until we switch off the device it is automatically getting on and off.
    is there any solution for this. kindly suggest me.

  • I did all steps exactly the same way but unfortunately xFSTK does not detect my phone.
    My phone is not showing anything at all. Only vibrates once or twice. On first connection with USB cable, it shows only charging logo and trying to restart, it does not show anything and eventually is not detected by xFSTK.

  • Thanks, I had a very old ROM on my ZF2 and then went to wipe the cache, but didn't wait until completion so I ended up bricking the device which had bootloader stuck in the dead android with ERROR! I was able to fix it by making sure I booted into Windows 10 in recovery to install drivers for SoC, and the xFSTK then once getting the bootloader to go into recovery still needed to restore the partition tables because the write error. I was able to get the partition tables recreated, then I could finally install the latest MM ROM and get the phone working.

  • I've fixed my fone several times using these method and it's 100% working but this time I can't cause my fone keeps powering down while flashing bootloader using xfstk successfully flashed fw can't complete os download

  • I have been trying to unbrick my phone. I followed the steps mentioned in the main post. But sadly all my attempts have been unsuccessful. I do get the 'Details: FW+OS downloaded complete' but i do not get the '4 color' on my screen.
    I'm a noob at this so i will just write down my steps and experience so you can point out my mistake or if there is something else i should do
    1) Switch off phone connect to PC via usb
    2) Open XFSTK Downloader, select 'MRD A0 / B0 + A0 + CRC' tab and enter the files bin file locations in their respected TextBox
    3) Select Options->Modify Settings->Download Options from the XFSTK Downloader menu bar and Enable GP flag override and enter value '0x80000807' also set 120 as detect device timeout.
    4) Click Ok and Click Begin Download
    5) Power on Phone before timeout
    6) Logs Shows 'XFSTK-STATUS–Firmware download completed. Continuing to OS…' vibrates and restarts Screen shows usb logo.
    7) Log Shows 'XFSTK-STATUS–Firmware and OS download completed.' Then phone vibrates shutsdown and the Log shows 'Success: Download of FW Completed.'
    8) Now phone seems to restart constantly with no display. I feel it vibrate and the PC makes the connect and disconnect sound.
    Please help me. Thank you

    Apart from quoted message here are additional info:
    1. ASUS USB driver and iSOC USB driver are already installed
    2. Also tried extending device detection timeout to 220 sec
    3. Also tried changing GP flag value to 0x8000007
    4. Tried to manually boot into bootloader (long press volume up + power), phone vibrate twice with blank display, but don't seem to connect to PC.

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