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Best Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming

Hello guys, Today I have great news for people who play LAN multiplayer games on their computer. If you are not aware of the Hamachi software then let me tell you something, It’s a software that allows you to emulate the LAN Connection through the Internet. This means you can do all the Local Area Network Works from one Computer to another Computer from so far away. Like Printing documents, Playing LAN Multiplayer games, and Even Remotely Controlling Your Desktop Without having to do any kind of Port forwarding.

But Sometimes this software might give us some errors or We might get higher ping or connection errors. If that happens You may search for the Alternatives for Hamachi. So, I’m going to share this with you guys, currently, there are two great alternatives for Hamachi software.

Number One – Radmin VPN

This has some amazing features! I’d say It’s one of the greatest so far. You don’t have to create any kind of accounts as we create for Hamachi.

All you have to do is, Simply Install this Software in your Both Computers and Create Network Name with Password from One Computer and Join to the network from your other Computer. Now the Internet is Your Passage Bridge.

Now let’s test the Connection status to make sure If everything is working perfectly fine.

It’s working. Zero Loss, Which means the data can be sent and received through this network.

This also has Public Gaming Network Comunity Place. So many users have connected thereto Play LAN Games. So You can meet and Play with New People.

Number Two – NetOverNet

This one has very little ping compared to other softwares. But You need to create an account first, You can play with up to 3 peoples for free. But If you want to play with more people then you may have to pay money for it. although it has less ping the speed also limited in this, you will get around 4 Mb/sec for Free Plan. It’s good for two or three people multiplayer games though. Once you have created an account later you can create membership logins from the dashboard. Later you can log in it with your computer using Netovernet client Software. Each PC has to be logged in with different Membership IDs that we created from the dashboard. Now Let’s do the Connection Test. As we expected! We got lesser ping.

If you are not getting a connection make sure to allow these applications in your firewall or simply disable your firewalls while you play your games.

So I hope this helps you guys… Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks you.

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