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How to Install Candy Six ROM in Zenfone 2 | Unofficial Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Installation.

This Video about the Installation of Candy Six Marshmallow ROM in Zenfone 2 (Z00A/Z008). It’s a Stable Release and It’s having Lots of Features. You can use these methods to Flash Other Zenfone 2 Series Mobiles, But You have to Use Proper Files. Otherwise, It will Brick Your Mobile. I mean You have to use Your Mobile’s Bootloader Unlocker, Recovery, and ROM. I’ve mentioned Some Mobile’s Files. If Your Mobile’s ROM Does not exist. Then make a Tell us in the Comments Below. I’ll Respond Soon as Possible and Update Links.

Disclaimer :-
I’m not Responsible if Your Mobile was Bricked, Do it with Your Own Risk.

Required Files :-
Candy Six 1.1 Z008/ ZE550ML –
Candy Six 1.1 Z00A/ ZE551ML –

Recovery :-
Z008/ ZE550ML –
Z00A/ ZE551ML –

Bootloader Unlocker :-
ZE550ML –
ZE551ML –

Android Platform Tools –
Android Drivers –
Google Apps (Gapps) –

Impotent :-
You should Download Gapps 86x and Android 6.0 Then Choice mini or nano Then Download It. If you flash Wrong files then You will face Some Non-Stop Errors.

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